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Ensure your Non-profit company's success

365 Managed IT offers comprehensive IT solutions for non-profit organizations at foreseeable rates so you can plan your IT budget ahead. Your mission is what drives your non-profit forward. Our non-profit IT support can assist you in doing good deeds and reaching your unselfish goals.

Focus on your mission

Non-profits have a commitment to serving people and their communities. However, finding more volunteers, sponsors, and donors is a laborsome if you have to manage your websites, networks, security, and other IT-related stuff. With 365 Managed IT, you can focus on your donor, community, and sponsor goals instead of your IT.

We help non-profit organizations achieve more

The 365 Managed IT team is more of your partner, less of a seller, meaning we ensure your needs are met with professionalism and expertise. We can help you leverage technology to grow awareness in your community, make connections, facilitate actions, and make every dollar go further. The goal of our IT support for non-profits is to help organizations operate more efficiently and effectively, allowing them to focus on their mission and goals.

We will handle your tech problems so you can get back to saving the world

With over a decade of experience helping non-profits do their good deeds, we know that every organization is unique and has different technology needs. This is why we closely work with our clients to completely understand their goals, address their IT pain points, and help them succeed on their journey.

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