10 Best Google Workspace Features You Should Be Aware Of

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is a suite of productivity tools that helps individuals and teams work more efficiently. With a range of features that are designed to help users stay connected, manage tasks, collaborate on documents, and more, Google Workspace for small business has become a popular choice. In this blog post, we will explore the 10 best Google Workspace business plus features that you should be aware of.

Top 10 Google Workspace Features

Here are 10 top features of Google Workspace that makes it stand out.

1. Gmail - Email service that gives you an address for sending and receiving messages.

Gmail is one of the best email services out there and is part of Google Workspace with hidden features that make it a great choice for small businesses. With Gmail, you get a powerful email platform that is integrated with other Google Workspace applications. You can use it to send and receive emails, schedule meetings, and organize your inbox. Gmail also provides users with a robust spam filtering system that helps to keep unwanted emails out of their inbox.

Aside from its intuitive user interface, Gmail also provides premium security protocols and automated sorting capabilities to help users stay organized and on task. Using Gmail as an integral part of your business plan can help you successfully streamline processes and help your team achieve greater productivity goals.

2. Google Drive - cloud storage that let’s you store, share and access your files online.

Google Drive is a great cloud storage service that offers small businesses an efficient way to store, share  and access files from anywhere. With Google Drive, you can easily collaborate on documents with others, and access your files on any device. This tool is incredibly useful for teams working on deadlines, as it allows for a quick and streamlined access to collaborative documents. Moreover, with its powerful search engine enabled by Artificial Intelligence, users can quickly find any file they need in the vast collections of documents. 

It simplifies document collaborations, teams, and projects for better remote working potential. Small businesses benefit from its wide range of features, such as cloud storage to store your files, which means that all of your files can be accessed anywhere, anytime. You can even share documents securely with colleagues and friends, allowing them to add their own edits while all versions stay safe on the cloud. The best part? All these features are just a click away! So if you're looking for a handy way to manage your files then Google Drive is a must-have.

3. Google Docs - word processing application that lets you collaborate on documents in real time.

Google Docs is a powerful document editing tool that allows users to create, edit, and collaborate on documents in real time. It's a great resource for small businesses, making it easy to invite others to work on any document and provide feedback in real-time. You can also easily track changes and see who made what edits. It includes a range of features that make it easy to format text, insert images, and create tables. It is one of the most versatile and powerful word processing applications around. From creating stunning reports to writing engaging essays, Google Docs has become an essential tool for both students and professionals alike.

Another great feature of Google Docs is its ability to format documents automatically. This makes creating more complex formatting easier, and allows you to save time on document production. For businesses that use Google Workspace, they can even collaborate on documents in real time while being able to control who has access to what version of the document-- making it perfect for small teams. All these features definitely make Google Docs stand out as one of the greatest word processing applications available.

4. Google Sheets - spreadsheet application that lets you create and edit spreadsheets online.

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet tool that allows users to create and edit spreadsheets in real time. It includes a range of features that make it easy to manage data, perform calculations, and create charts. It's easy to use and provides great features, such as the ability to make spreadsheets come alive with charts.

With this app, you can easily collaborate with others and get things sorted in no time. Not only that, it also has some hidden features which makes it even more efficient for small businesses. One of these features is its vast range of formulas and functions that can assist your calculations and analysis. It also helps manage data more intuitively. All in all, Google Sheets is an incredibly useful tool for managing information and making sure tasks are completed quickly and thoroughly.

5. Google Slides - Presentation application that lets you create and share presentations online

Google Slides is the perfect presentation tool for small businesses, allowing them to create professional-looking slideshows in real time. Its customization options and user-friendly interface make it easy to bring ideas to life with text, shapes, images, and tables – not to mention its compatibility with other applications such as Docs and Sheets.

Plus, with its sharing capabilities and cloud storage options, you can easily collaborate with your team and share the presentation across multiple devices. If you're looking to create a great presentation or simplify workflow processes for your business, Google Slides is definitely the perfect choice.

6. Google Meet - Video conferencing tool that allows users to host virtual meetings 

Google Meet is a video conferencing and collaboration tool that is designed to help teams communicate and collaborate in real-time, no matter where they are located. Some of its key features and benefits are that it’s infrastructure provides high-quality video and audio for up to 250 participants. It is easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface and it is fully integrated with other Google Workspace tools, such as Google Calendar and Gmail, making it easy to schedule and join meetings.

Its screen sharing capabilities and built-in live captioning feature makes it easy to collaborate on projects and presentations. Google Meet also has a number of security features, such as end-to-end encryption and the ability to control who can join a meeting and how they can participate. Overall,

7. Google Meet is one of the top best Google Workspace tools, and is used by businesses around the world.

Google Chat: Messaging app for teams that lets you have real-time conversations with colleagues

Google Chat, is the perfect messaging app for small businesses that makes communication effortless and efficient. Whether it is discussing projects, brainstorming fresh ideas, or sharing documents and files, this messaging app is a must-have as it offers quick and convenient conversations at any given time. 

With its real-time conversations, video and audio calls and the ability to include attachments, you are totally connected with your colleagues at all times in an organized and efficient way. And that's not all! Google also offers hidden features like @mentions, task reminders, polls, notes and even helps you search for messages that have been archived or shared with someone else. Small businesses really benefit from using Google workspace as it helps them stay connected and productive at all times, no matter when or where they are working.

8. Google Calendar: Scheduling tool that allows users to create and manage appointments, events, and meetings. 

Google Calendar is one of the most powerful tools included in the Google Workspace. It includes a range of features that make it easy to schedule recurring events, set reminders, and manage your schedule. With a few simple clicks and drags, you can plug all your events into one place and never miss a thing again. You can even connect with others by sharing your calendar to work collaboratively. 

In addition to these basic features, there are hidden gems hidden deep within Google Calendar. For example, advanced reminders allow you to set multiple types of notifications for an event including text messages, sending emails, or appearing as a pop-up reminder on your computer’s desktop. The utility and convenience of Google Calender makes it an invaluable tool for businesses large and small alike and helps them run more efficiently.

9. Google Forms: Form builder application that lets you create forms and surveys

Google Forms is a survey tool that allows users to create and distribute surveys and questionnaires. It includes a range of features that make it easy to create surveys, collect responses, and analyze data. With Google Forms, you can effortlessly design a survey to collect data from customers or team members; create quizzes for learning or fun; and create user feedback forms or even creative applications. 

In addition, small businesses can easily manage their workflow and operations as the information collected through online surveys can be organized in Google Sheets for easy analytical insights, data visualization, and even automating tasks with powerful AI capabilities of machine learning. All in all, Google Forms is a great tool for any small business.

10. Google Sites: Google Sites is a website-building tool that allows users to create and publish websites in minutes. 

Google Sites is an incredibly powerful and flexible website building platform. With Google Sites, you can easily create a website without any coding or design experience.  Whether it's a simple page with all your business details or a complex custom web application, Google Sites makes creating sites incredibly easy. From its ability to automatically generate HTML code to its ability to connect easily and quickly to other Google services such as Google Drive and Calendar, you can have professional-looking and highly functional sites up and running in no time. 

Small businesses with limited resources are able to leverage the power of this platform without the cost of larger, traditional website hosting solutions. With its user-friendly interface and abundant integrations with other popular services like Gmail and YouTube, Google Sites has some serious advantages for small businesses looking for an advanced website solution.

Google Workspace Security Features

Google Workspace offers a range of security features designed to protect your data and keep your organization safe. Here are some of the key security features of Google Workspace:

  1. Two-factor authentication: Google Workspace supports two-factor authentication, which requires a user to provide two types of identification to access an account. This can include a password and a code sent to a user's phone.
  2. Data encryption: All data stored in Google Workspace is encrypted both at rest and in transit. This means that data is protected when it is stored on Google's servers, as well as when it is transmitted over the internet.
  3. Mobile device management: Google Workspace offers mobile device management capabilities, which allow administrators to enforce policies on mobile devices used by employees. For example, administrators can require that devices be encrypted or that certain security settings be enabled.
  4. Access controls: Google Workspace provides access controls that allow administrators to manage access to sensitive data. This includes the ability to set up access policies based on user roles and permissions.
  5. Audit logs: Google Workspace keeps detailed audit logs of all activity in an organization's account. This allows administrators to monitor activity and detect potential security threats.
  6. Anti-phishing and anti-malware protection: Google Workspace includes built-in protections against phishing and malware. For example, it automatically scans all email attachments for malware and blocks any that are found.
  7. Security center: Google Workspace provides a security center that allows administrators to manage security settings, review security analytics, and monitor security threats.

In conclusion, Google Workspace is a powerful suite of productivity tools that can help individuals and teams work more efficiently. It is also a great tool for small businesses to stay connected and organized. With so many features and applications, it is easy to see why Google workspace is becoming increasingly popular among business owners. By taking advantage of its many features, you can make your business more efficient and productive. If you're not using Google Workspace yet, you should definitely check it out!