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Backup Fast, Recover Quickly and Keep Business Running


Avoiding business disruption following a system failure is one of

the biggest business continuity challenges companies face. Backup

services monitored and managed by 365 Managed IT provides

fast and reliable backup, enterprise level data protection and 

managed system migration to recover systems as quickly as 

possible after a disaster.




Fast and reliable disk-based backup that captures full, differential

and incremental point-in-time backup images of your entire system.

This includes the operating system, applications, configuration settings

and data. Schedule full and incremental backups for automatic protection

of everything on your Windows server.




Backup services provide for rapid recovery a number of ways: full bare

metal recovery through a bootable recovery CD; recover to similar

hardware; or recover to dissimilar or virtual environments with Hardware

Independent Restore (HIR).


File and Folder Recovery


Quickly browse to specific files and folders in your point-in-time backup

images to perform granular recovery of your data.




StorageCraft ImageManager also verifies and re-verifies backup image

chains to ensure that your backup images are in a known good state for

fast and reliable recovery should a disaster occur.




365 Managed IT will track the status of backup jobs through the

notification tools in StorageCraft ImageManager integrated with its

managed service platform. This features allows us to set e-mail and

SMTP configurations so we can be notified of backup job success and

failure automatically.




Automatically consolidate backup image files with StorageCraft

ImageManager. This minimizes backup storage consumption and

streamlines backup image management by providing consolidated

daily, weekly and monthly backups.


Backup Services