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Business risks are inherent in almost every venture, but there’s no reason to risk losing your data. Backblaze provides something that their competitors don’t: unlimited backup for the lowest flat fee in the industry. They offer the most reliable, comprehensive and affordable business backup solution available for laptops and desktops.


Foolproof & Offsite

Employees travel, work remotely and sometimes neglect to connect to the office server. Backblaze is foolproof and off-site—two of the most critical ingredients for secure backup. With Backblaze for Business, you can rest assured that all of your ever-changing digital assets are safe. 



There’s no need to prioritize files or worry about the amount of backup space your employees need. All data, regardless of file size, is automatically backed up all the time.



Backblaze initially backs up all the data files and then backs up only new or changed files as you work. To keep it simple, we backup all data, regardless of where it’s stored and regardless of file size. 



Using military-grade security, your company’s files are encrypted, transferred through Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to their secured datacenter. 

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