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365 Managed IT Network Audit

offered for free for a limited time

includes 30-days of remote network monitoring and alerting

Running a Network Audit allows you to easily identify and address critical and potentially costly issues on your network.  Our Network Audit suite of reports provides you with the the information you need to understand the current state of your network.  The suite of reports include:


Hardware Inventory Summary - Provides a comprehensive record of all hardware

(workstations, routers, network printers, switches, and more) discovered by our 

Onsite Manager


Software Inventory Summary - Provides a detailed inventory of all applications on

each workstation or server, all operating systems and hotfixes ,and then identify

unauthorized software that needs to be removed or out-of-date software that needs


Site Device Summary - Get quick access to device, memory, CPU and storage information

that can represent upgrade and refresh possibilities.

Windows Licensing Summary - Identify issues with Windows licensing that represent

upgarde, compliance or security issues, such as illegal or unlicensed copies.

Server Health Summary - Identify all servers and assess Key Performance Indicators

(KPIs) such as installed memory, CPU performance, server uptime and disk utilization.


Workstation Health Summary - Assess KPIs such as CPU uptime and disk utilization

for each workstation in the site to identify opportunities for optimization.


Windows Security Audit - Identify current security issues including missing security

updates, weak passwords, and firewall and access vulnerabilities.

Network Services Summary - Identify services active on all devices, including potential

trouble spots such as web a server with open FTP.

Site Warranty Summary - Discover which devices at the site are under warranty and

which are not, and from there identify upgrade opportunities, or get critical infrastructure

protected under a custom warranty.




Our Onsite Manager tool can be installed on any Windows server or workstation on a domain and uses WMI to discover and assess other Windows domain members and SNMP to discover network devices.  Our Device Manager and be installed on non-domain Windows workstations to assess their harwdare, software and performance information.  Additional information regarding network security and data collection can be found here.


30-days of Network Monitoring and Alerting included with Network Audit


Monitor device availability

network devices




Monitor network services




Security and compliance monitoring

Alerts and pre-failure indicators

Performance trending

Monthly reporting

Executive Summary

Server and Workstation Health Summary

Website Monitoring



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